Business entities/providers contracting with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to deliver substance abuse and mental health services will receive notice that they are expected to use Clinical Management for Behavioral Health Services (CMBHS) in their contract and they may also receive additional information by letter, email, or phone from DSHS with instructions for setting up their organization in CMBHS. It is important that any correspondence from DSHS about CMBHS be carefully reviewed before you try to use CMBHS or that you call the CMBHS Help Desk at 1 866 806-7806.

Remember - instructions provided directly by DSHS to your organization take precedent over the instructions in the CMBHS Help.

Before You Start the Setup Process you must have:


There are two setup processes for CMBHS. Whenever possible, DSHS will complete as much of the setup process as possible for the provider, thereby allowing the provider to use the Quick Setup Process. In some situations, usually limitations of resources, DSHS may only be able to create the provider in CMBHS and then the provider must use the Regular Setup Process to enter all the needed details, to include addresses, contacts and locations into CMBHS.

The Quick Setup Process

The following are instructions to assist the Local CMBHS Security Administrator in setting up their organization using the Quick Setup Process. With this method, DSHS has already entered most or all of your organization’s information into the CMBHS system. As the Local CMBHS Security Administrator you will verify the information entered into CMBHS about your organization, entering any missing information and making corrections if needed.

As the Local CMBHS Security Administrator contacts DSHS and receives his/her User ID and temporary Password, he/she can then verify the information that has been entered and complete the remaining steps in the Quick Setup process.

The Regular Setup Process

The The Regular Setup Process process for CMBHS requires that the designated Local CMBHS Administrator contact DSHS, receive a temporary User ID and Password, and then set up the provider organization using these step-by-step instructions.


The Local CMBHS Security Administrator contacts the DSHS Representative by phone and requests access to CMBHS. The Local CMBHS Security Administrator is asked to provide the organization’s legal name, and may be asked for additional information to include the main address, contact phone numbers and if applicable, EIN/VID information.

The DSHS Representative confirms that the organization is to be given access to CMBHS and provides the URL for CMBHS. The Local CMBHS Security Administrator is provided a temporary User ID and password.

The Local CMBHS Security Administrator then logs in to CMBHS using the information provided by the DSHS Representative.

After successfully logging in, the Local CMBHS Security Administrator will be automatically taken to the Staff Setup page. On this page, the Local CMBHS Security Administrator must create an account for themselves, providing all required information, addresses, phone numbers, and assign themselves the role of Local CMBHS Security Administrator. The Local CMBHS Security Administrator also gets a permanent User Name, User ID and another temporary password.


    • The temporary Login mentioned in #2, will only be valid until the Local CMBHS Security Administrator Role is assigned to a user. It will then be disabled and the Local CMBHS Security Administrator must login following the steps for Staff Login with their own User ID and password.
    • If the designated Local CMBHS Security Administrator’s session ends without adding him or herself in the role of Local CMBHS Security Administrator then they must re-contact the DSHS Help Desk for a new user password to continue the set up process.


    • On the CMBHS log-in page, TYPE in the User ID that you were provided.

    • The user ID is usually the first Initial of your first name + your full Last Name. The first two letters are Uppercase; the rest are lowercase.

    • Then enter the Password you were give with your user ID.

    CLICK on Login.

    • The first time you login to CMBHS, you will see the following message “The password for this account must be changed” and you will be directed to the Change Password page.

    • Change your password and Save.

    • After the first time you Login, the Local CMBHS Security Administrator’s Workspace will display at Login.


    4. ADD STAFF


    CLICK HERE to go to Provider and Location Detail Tabs.