Using CMBHS On-Line Help

The CMBHS Online Help is designed to assist users in successfully using the CMBHS program. It provides quick answers to questions the user may encounter during everyday and more in depth information for users who encounter problems.

Training is important to ensure that staffs that have never used an EHR can learn CMBHS quickly and that those familiar with other EHR programs, can transition to CMBHS as easily as possible.

Using the CMBHS Online Help will facilitate a positive CMBHS experience; but it is designed to supplement training – not as a substitute for training. Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) provides training opportunities to staff who will be users of CMBHS.

DSHS provides training opportunities for current and future users of CMBHS. Upcoming training is posted at the top of the CMBHS Login page or you can call the DSHS CMBHS Help Desk at 1-866-806-7806.


  1. The Online-Help Link

Any time you are working in Clinical Management for Behavioral Health Services (CMBHS) and have a question about a word used in CMBHS, how to perform a function, if something goes wrong with the program or if you just need more information,

CLICK ON the Help link (the word Help) in the upper right hand corner of any page of CMBHS. This will open a second window on your screen that displays the CMBHS online Help as seen below.





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